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    The Breached Young Adult community is about

    Building young adults in spirit empowered living and equipping them to win and build up others to do the same

    Our Vision is for

    Every member to grow in their God-given abilities in order to make Jesus followers in every community that they are connected to

    Helpful resources for those who want to grow!

    • Beginners guide to spiritual fasting Web 
    • RightNow Media App | Web
    • Bible plans/community/studies  App | Web 1 | Web 2
    • RealFaith App | Web
    • Creation/Evolution Web
    • Finances App | Web | Podcast | Youtube
    • Mental Health Podcast | Youtube | Web
    • Career and Life Web | Podcast | Youtube
    • Spiritual Growth Web 
    • Spiritual Warfare Web | Video | Youtube
    • Evangelism Web | Youtube
    • Lifestyle Christianity Web | Youtube

    Let us know what else YOU would like dive into! 

    Our Spirit-inspired church themes are revealed each month!

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    3rd Tuesday-Thursday

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    4th Weekend Event

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