Breached Young Adults Ministry

    God is on the move and we are trying to keep up with Him.

    Come join young adults (18-35 year olds) as we dig into the word of God, fast and pray together, encourage each other and go be the salt and light God has equipped us to be. It's time to impact the world around us.

    Join us for our food & fellowship events, fun outings, local missions and bible study with other young adults. This is Breached Young Adult Ministry at Orange County Gospel Fellowship.




    The TASTE AND SEE CAMPAIGN has BEGUN! Tune in EVERY FRIDAY at noon for new content.

    Haven't YOU tasted and seen that Lord is good? Share what God did for you today, yesterday or this week on your social media that THEY may also taste and see that the Lord is good. #BYAMTasteandSee

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